Thursday, May 1, 2008

The Adults have left the Building at P&G

Tone-on-tone labels for shampoo and conditioners that can't be read without glasses- and who wears their glasses in the shower? "Fortifying fortifier" - why not fortifyingly fortifying fortifier for further emphasis? Graphically tone-deaf and functionally illiterate MBA's have taken over at P&G. What's next - a pastel tone-on-tone redesign of the iconic Tide label for this company that is considered to have the "best marketing practices"? Whether they will catch themselves or continue on this new path remains to be seen. The problem with a "best practices" survey is that the surveys go to agencies and other marketers - and they all blow sweet nothings in each other's ear. They should ask a few articulate consumers what they think about such tag lines as "Fortifying fortifier."

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K_goodrich said...

Couldn't agree more. Although I think the problem goes well beyond P&G to infest consumer electronics, appliances and sundry other product categories. Home power tools may have escaped the worst of it so far, for obvious issues of hazard. I hope this blog gets the idea across that it's not a good place for your company to be: featured for your unusable shapes, typefaces, and colors.